Goal Setting and Mindset Workshop
12 Jan 2020, 11:00 – 15:00
Harcourt Street,
The Russell Court Hotel, Harcourt St, Dublin, Ireland





Start 2020 with an action plan for your future. Whatever it is, you can do it or have it by following very simple steps, but you must take action. 


This workshop will help you!


What do you want? 

When do you want it? 

How will you get it? 


In a few short hours on January 12th, I can help you move the blocks that are in your way so you have a clear path to the future of your dreams. 


During this workshop you’ll meet like-minded people, and plan your future in a safe, comfortable and fun environment using some of the most powerful tools for goal setting. 


Imagine how you’ll feel when you’re committed to what you really want for your life.


Maybe you know someone who would benefit from this workshop, two tickets are the perfect Christmas ‘stocking-filler’. 


Goal-setting 101: the secret to success is writing your goals down.



“I found it very useful to take time out… using the skill set Steven has given us today… I can make decisions and move forward fast” - S. Forsythe, Pharmacist.


I am delighted to announce special guest, Coach Helen Walsh will speak at the end of this event about how to hit your health and fitness goals






This is your future, this is your life and you only get one, don’t waste it. 


Some of the things we’ll cover:


  • Use the B.E.C.O.M.E model (created by Steven Farrell)

  • Use the Circle of Success to focus your goals

  • How to use the S.M.A.R.T and G.R.O.W models to set goals

  • Using the powerful, Well Formed Outcomes from NLP, to find out exactly what you want



  • How to get your mind on board with your dreams 

  • Dealing with negativity from others

  • Kill negative self-talk

  • Prioritising 



  • Breaking habits and limiting beliefs that are holding you back 

  • Accessing Flow State 

  • Setting realistic timelines



“What was refreshing was, Steven had us look back on the achievements we’ve made so far, which was really nice. The goal I set today was something that for the past 6 years’ I haven’t taken the first step towards.” - Eoin Griffin, Google, Dublin






This workshop is for anyone willing to commit to their future.

You might already be on the journey towards your goals? 

Maybe you haven’t started but have decided enough is enough? 

Maybe you just need a reminder that you really do hold the keys to your success?


If you want to change, this workshop if for you. 

Can I come alone? Of course, 50% of attendees usually come alone and leave with lots of new friends. 


“Steven has a way of making you feel really comfortable and feel good about yourself and your goals, he created such a supportive environment in this workshop, I can’t wait for the next one” - J. Dunne, Solicitor, Dublin 


As you know, if you don’t choose your destination you'll wander around lost, forever.

Do you want to commit to unlocking your true potential? YES!


Start by taking action:


When you book you’ll be one step closer.

When you attend you’ll be closer again.

When you leave you’ll be closer than you've ever been to your dreams.  






Steven Farrell is an inspirational speaker and well known visual artist, represented by APB Speakers, one of the biggest speaker, celebrity and entertainment agencies in the world. 


He has an advanced certificate in Mind Coaching, is a licensed Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and certificates in coaching and business applications of NLP, he is a transformational coach specialising in goal setting, mindset and using creativity to overcome challenges and link in with your true self. Steven is also podcast host and producer and a well known Irish artist. 


In 2017 he was diagnosed with stage 3 metastatic melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer. 


Since his diagnosis Steven has spoken about resilience, goal setting, living for now, over coming challenges and much more at events In Ireland and the United States inspiring people to DO IT NOW and live their lives before it’s too late. 


He has researched the most power tools for goal setting and is working on his first book. He is also brother in-law to famous actor Colin Farrell and his art work is collected by well know celebrities, politicians and business people across the globe. 


“This goal setting workshop was so much fun, Steven is such a natural, I felt like I was at a Brene Brown talk”

  • Paul Broughal, creator of the Artistic Chicks 






After this fun and motivating event, you will have a clear pathway to your goal or goals and the tools to help you overcome challenges and road blocks you’ll inevitably come up against, along the way. You will also be closer to your dream future.


“Do it now!” - Hannah May Jane, blogger and influencer




Date and Venue 


Sunday, January 12th 2020



Address: The Russell Court Hotel, Harcourt Street, 

Dublin 2

Phone: (01) 478 4066


Dress code: casual