Speaking Topics 

  • Growth

  • Adversity 

  • Change

  • Creativity and Innovation 

How to Grow During a Crisis 

This one of a kind keynote, is perfect for businesses or individuals who are facing challenges or who want to be prepared for challenges down the line. Steven shares the 5 key tools, that can be used to take control of any situation and that can be implemented immediately to help accelerate growth. 

This dynamic keynote opens with lots of energy and music as Steven completes a speed painting in under 6 minutes. His presentation style is engaging and interactive and Steven leaves a lasting impression on the audience giving them actionable steps and clear take aways.   


Steven draws from both his experience of getting closer to death than he ever thought he’d be, after he received a metastatic melanoma diagnosis and his training since that diagnosis. He shares his own stories and the stories of others who've overcome challenges and thrived.

'I share tools that help businesses and individuals take control of a crisis and use it to grow.' - Steven Farrell

Music plays, as Steven energetically brings a black canvas to life with bright, bold colour in his signature, under 6 minute, speed painting.


Steven is no ordinary keynote speaker and the audience is engaged from the beginning, following every movement, every brush stroke, every blast of colour.


This fresh approach comes from Steven's belief in the importance of creative thinking and expressing your 'unique creative voice' in business and in home life.  

Steven attributes his own creative expression with helping him through some the biggest challenges of his life and he shares tips and hacks that will helping individuals and business tap into their own creativity to help with growth and innovation.


Steven also shares an important message of resilience, self-belief and self-care. 


“Steve is an amazing young man who has a unique ability to inspire and motivate others. His wit, humour, compassion and life experience enable him to reach out and communicate with people from all walks of life.

His sense of awareness coupled with his warm personality and generosity enables him to engage effectively with his audience. His story is truly inspirational, he is highly successful and has had a huge impact on audiences who have been fortunate enough to hear him.” 


- Heather Humphreys TD

Irish Government Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation

There’s no pretence, no act with Steven. He speaks as himself and is genuine in his belief in what he’s saying, because it’s what he has lived. He shares stories of the challenges he has faced openly, as well as the tips and techniques he used to over come them. His engagement with you as the listener is very warm and honest, mixing humour and sadness, reminding us of the importance of the now - the immediate experience, the lived moment. It’s not about waiting or worrying. And while we hear this kind of stuff all the time, Steven’s passion in sharing his story and its learnings makes you really take it in. 


- Eoghan Murphy TD

Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government

I engaged Mr Steven Farrell on 30th May this year for a school graduation.

I needed someone who could deliver a hard hitting message in a palatable format.


Steven delivered an amazing speech that hit home with so many of the 600 plus in attendance, a mix of students, parents and teaching staff.

His message was precise and clear but presented with charisma and I received great feedback from his presentation in the days after the graduation.


I would highly recommend Steven for any speaking engagement, he is a pleasure to work with and delivers in a professional manner at every step of the process.


I wish him the very best of luck in all his future endeavours


- Helen Walsh

Event Management Team

Belvedere College

Delighted to have booked Steven Farrell to open Lightning Comedy at The Swords Summer Festival 2019. 

The audience of over four hundred people at Swords Castle really appreciated his openness & honesty - a professional from start to finish! 


- David Gilna 

Festival Organiser,

Playwright & Founder of Lightning Comedy 

What an inspiring young man. From the moment he arrived onto the stage his smile lit up the room and his laughter was infectious. Steven told a harrowing story of overcoming adversity with a light heartedness I’ve rarely heard before from someone who has gone through so much. I found myself thinking:  if he can smile and laugh at his difficulties, what have I to complain about?! My takeaway was how important it is to enjoy life and not spend time worrying and I’ll be using some of the techniques he shared. Steven also stayed around after the talk to chat and I’ve heard people describe his personality as magnetic and I agree. I get the feeling his only motivation is simply to inspire people to live their life and enjoy it. What a wonderful message.


- Jill Doyle


The National Performing Arts School

Your story is brave and inspiring Steve and your honesty is what makes people wake up. People like me as a parent and the transition year students in O’Reilly Hall recently. Life is not a rehearsal. We’re Live right now.


- Carmel Doyle


The Jack and Jill Children's Foundation