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Speaking Topics 

  • Growth

  • Adversity 

  • Change

  • Creativity and Innovation 

How to Grow During a Crisis 

This one of a kind keynote, is perfect for businesses or individuals who are facing challenges or who want to be prepared for challenges down the line. Steven shares the 5 key tools, that can be used to take control of any situation and that can be implemented immediately to help accelerate growth. 

In this dynamic keynote Steven leaves a lasting impression on the audience giving them actionable steps and clear take aways.   


Steven draws from both his experience of getting closer to death than he ever thought he’d be, after he received a metastatic melanoma diagnosis and his training since that diagnosis. He shares his own stories and the stories of others who've overcome challenges and thrived.

Steven has a strong belief in the importance of creative thinking and how expressing ones 'unique creative voice' in business and in home life can help with growth.  

Steven attributes his own creative expression with helping him through some the biggest challenges of his life and he shares tips and hacks that will helping individuals and business tap into their own creativity to help with growth and innovation.


Steven also shares an important message of resilience, self-belief and self-care. 

'I share tools that help businesses and individuals take control of a crisis and use it to grow.' - Steven Farrell