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Steven farrell

artist, Inspirational Speaker and podcast host

Irish pop-artist and inspirational speaker, Steven Farrell is popular with well known, Hollywood film stars, pop and rock stars, politician and diplomats and since his first exhibition in '07, he’s exhibited in Ireland, London and L.A.

​His work has been called brilliant by artist Graham Knuttle and his latest collection the Divine Feminine is inspired by ancient and modern goddess worship, consciousness, sensuality and life itself. He believes the true key to creativity and growth, is accessing the divine feminine inside all humans, that life-giving force, reached by opening an energy channel to the creative power of the Universe. 


In 2017, Steven was diagnosed with stage 3 metastatic melanoma cancer and his and his mantra is ‘Do It Now’, what ever it is you want to do, do it now. 


As well as creating art works, Farrell travels around the world sharing his stories and motivating people to act now, work towards their goals and dreams and make memories with the people they love, before it’s too late. 


He also speaks about the importance of creative expression and of how creativity helped him though the difficult periods of his life and is represented by APB Speakers, one of the world’s largest speaker, celebrity and talent agencies.


He has appeared on most of Ireland’s leading TV and radio shows and is regularly featured in print media.