• stevenmannion

All You Will Find is the Key to Happiness.

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

The key to happiness is within your reach, you just have to b grateful for your life.

We live in a world where we’re constantly comparing ourselves to others, it can happen when we’re using social media, it can happen when we’re driving around in our car and see someone driving a nicer car, sometimes we can get so caught up in what other people have and what we ‘don’t have’ we are actually blinded to the amazing things we have in our lives.

Comparing ourselves to others can lead to disempowering thoughts and language and we begin to ask ourselves destructive questions like:

What don’t I have everything I want?

What doesn’t anything good ever happen to me?

Why is my life so terrible?

It sometimes takes a little perspective for us to realise how incredible our lives actually are. It’s my belief that happiness and gratitude are linked very closely: the more grateful you are the happier you will be and the happier your are the more gratitude you will feel about your life and the people and things in it. For me gratitude is the most important thing in the world.

A simple tool (that I use,) which I feel could be employed by anyone who wants to open their lives to greater happiness, is journaling. My journaling is part of my morning routine and if you don’t have a morning routine, I recommend you read my blog about morning routines and how important they are.

If you’re going to start a gratitude journal I’d recommend doing it in the morning, shortly after you’ve woken up. If you write 3 or more things that you’re grateful for and start your day in the mindset of gratitude you’ll notice huge changes in your life, in no time.