Love's Promise is a vibrant, lustrous rose print, the perfect gift for the one you love (and yes, that can be you too).


I painted the original using some of my favourite colours: starting with mixing a gloss medium with light cadmium red, layering the mixture onto the canvas. I then began building the depth of the piece using a medium cadmium also mixed with the gloss medium, then dark cadmium, building the painting thin layer by thin layer.


I then use perylene red and permanent alizarin crimson for the final glazes. The darker tones are created using burnt umber and a mix of burnt umber and permanent alizarin crimson, bringing it to a point where you feel you can touch individual petals.


My goal when I was creating this painting, was to communicate a feeling of warmth, love and the unspoken 'knowing' you get when you're in love. It's hard to verbalise it but I feel the painting communicates it perfectly.


Each print is produced using the highest quality inks and paper each limited edition print is protected from fading, with assured lifetime, archival permanence.


Option 1:


Framed size (cm) 

Print size 14x9

Frame size > 20x15



Option 2:


Unframed size (cm / inch):

Print size 19x14cm / 8x6inch

Mount size 20x25cm / 10x8inch



Framed size (cm) 

Print size 19x14

Frame size > 20x25



Framed in white wood grain frame with mount included. Frame size is greater than mount size but may vary.




Dispatched witin 3 working days and delivered within 3-7 working days inside of Ireland. 


International delivery might take longer.

The Rose